Our services

Seven Creative provide the full range of digital marketing services to make sure your company not only looks great but also gets in front of the right people

Seven Creative’s SEO services include:

  • On-page SEO services – among other things making sure your site is error free, it displays quickly and your content is optimised
  • Off-page SEO services – creating quality off-site content to link to your site to make sure you increase in visibility in the organic search engine rankings and more qualified traffic is driven to your site
  • SEO copywriting – creating quality website content that not only high-quality copy but also optimised for online publishing
  • SEO keyword and key-phase research – making sure your site and SEO is activity optimised correctly
  • SEO site analysis – to provide you with a report detailing the steps you need to take to make sure your site is optimised

Seven Creative’s web services include:

  • New brochure websites design, development and production – whatever the size of site you need we design, develop and produce the perfect website for you design to really work for your business
  • New e-commerce websites – from one or two products to thousands. Whatever the size of shop you need we’ve got it covered. Everything from concept to delivery including payment processing integration we provide the lot.
  • WordPress site services – we provide the full range of WordPress site services setup, installation, maintenance, template creation, and fixing when something goes wrong.
  • Hosting and domain services – brochure site hosting, e-commerce hosting, blog hosting… whatever you need we have it including all the associated email services such as IMAP, POP3, SMTP, etc.

Seven Creative’s social media services include:

  • Full social media management – we’ll run your social media channels on your behalf making sure you’re always available with clear communication channels. We’ll create content to engage your current and potential customers and build your audience through interaction. We’ll even manage competitions and games for your audience to build your brand and make sure you’re always in the right place at the right time.
  • Social media strategy – let us help you create your social media strategy and set it up for you. We’ll help make sure your focussing your energy on the right channels and get it up and running for you. We’ll even train you or your staff for the long-term management of these channels.

Seven Creative’s writing services include:

  • SEO copywriting – copy for your website that is optimised for your keywords and phrases to make sure your indexing within Google for the right words and being found by the right people.
  • Blogging – Keeping your blog up-to-date with fresh and interesting content is tough… especially when you’re busy with work! So why not let us do it for you? We’ll create and publish your blog articles on your behalf and we can even promote them through social media channels for you too. Send us your notes, give us a subject or simply let us create the content based on our research. 
  • Website copywriting – clear, concise, well-written content that demands attention. Call us today for more information
  • Press releases – we provide the full press-release services including research, writing and distribution
  • Article creation and brochure copy – we provide articles either based on your requirements or on a subject of your choice. We’ll even publish these articles on your behalf if you like!
  • Journalism – if you need a story researched and written to the highest quality,

Seven Creative’s multi-media services

  • Film and video for websites – Film is a great way to get your message over quickly making your website more dynamic and engaging. Showcase your services and products, add personality to your site and promote yourself through more social media channels. A short film embedded within your site will also provide you with SEO benefits!
  • Photography – the quality of images can often make or break a site. Great quality images project a professional and high quality image of your business.
  • Immersive interactive photography – sometimes it’s just not possible to communicate through a website the feel of a space through words, film and photography alone so this is where 360 degree photography comes in. 360 degree immersive images embedded on your site allow your site visitors to look around an area using their cursor from the comfort of their own home. The images we produce allow you to see in all directions including 360 degrees around, to the floor and above.  Simply click and hold within the image and drag the picture around. These images are perfect for hotels, tourist attractions, showrooms, etc.
  • Virtual tours – tying 360 degree immersive pictures together with a map allows us to create a virtual tour. Previous virtual tour clients include Sheffield Cathedral and Sheffield Children’s hospital.

Seven Creative’s other marketing services include:

  • Email marketing – plans to suit almost any budget. Weekly plans or ad-hoc senders, we have a tariff to suit everyone. Start connecting with your customers today!
  • Graphic design – business cards, logos, letterheads, large format printed items… whatever your requirements, get in touch
  • Multi-media and design – everything from mobile apps, film and photography to illustration, advert design and leaflets – whatever you need we can deliver the right solution.

More information

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